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Winner !


windowOur main supplier of windows "Jeldwen" wins the Energy Star manufacturer of the year for the third consecutimve year in 2018 !

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24/7 Prices for Contractors !



Pre-approved contractors may download prices after hours on our web site. We have recently introduced a secure area of this website to help our valuable contractors.


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Most cottagers use pine vee joint for their ceilings or walls.

In the past couple of years, new and exciting prefinished profiles

have emerged. Check out our new displays !

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How do I apply for a house account ?
  2. Where can I find your hours of opening ?
  3. Can Pressure Treated Lumber be used in the lake ?
  4. Who is Castle ?
  5. What is your delivery Policy
  6. When is the Cottage Show ?
  7. How does your plan service program work ?
  8. What is the Rent-All phone # ?
  9. How do I apply for a job at Emmerson Lumber ?
  10. Why should I get a house account ?
  11. How easy is it to get a building permit ?
  12. Where do I find a map to your business?

How do I apply for a house account?

  • Go to our Terms of Sale page and download a credit application in .pdf form. If you are a registered company, we have a separate application for companies. Fax back (or scan) the form and we will process it within 24 hours.
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Where can I find your hours of operation?

  • Go to our About Us page. We have a lot of information about our company there.
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Can Pressure treated lumber be used in the lake?

  • Technically, yes. Go to our Pressure Treated page to find out about the safe uses of this product.
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Who is Castle?

  • Castle is a group of 260 like-minded building suppy retailers that are independently owned that formed a group over 45 years ago in order to buy better and offer marketing support. Visit the Castle website for other Castle dealers across Canada.
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What is your delivery policy?

  • We are proud of our delivery program. We get the orders out promptly, we do not do "curbside" delivery like the big box stores and we have 4x4 trucks for those steep driveways. You can view our full policy here.
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When is the Cottage Show?

  • The Spring show is generally held on the last weekend of March. Click here to view the exact dates for this year. The fall show is generally on the first weekend in November.
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How does your plan service program work?

  • Home or cottage plans require dialog and good communication. We sit down with you and go over the project. For a fee, we can draw up the plans and estimate the materials. If you purchase the majority of the materials from our store, we will rebate the design charges. See the design page for full details.

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What is the Rent-All phone # ?

  • Our main switchboard handles all of our calls so therefore, the main telephone number also works for the Rent-All Department. It is 705-457-1550 or toll free 888-339-3325.
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How do I apply for a job at Emmerson Lumber ?

  • Drop in and pick up a job application. Our Human Resources manager Cleve Roberts handles the hiring process.
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Why should I get a house account ?

  • House accounts are beneficial for the customer and for the staff at Emmerson Lumber. We can store your contact information including your cottage address plus we will have record of any special needs or authorized people that can sign on the account. We will also have a full history of your transactions which turns out to be very useful in this type of business. Account holders will be offered a 10% discount if the account is paid on time. This discount does not apply to sale items or any "net " priced items. A full description is on the credit application which can be downloaded here.
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How easy is it to get a building permit?

  • The Municipalities that serve our area can turn around an application quickly if all of the right information is supplied , the plans are correct & certified and that your building meets the bylaws that concern development on your piece of property (e.g. setbacks). This is where our planning department can help you.
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Where do I find a map to your business?

  • We have provided the latest Google maps on our website. It is an interactive map ... i.e. , you can zoom in or out and you can ask it to provide you with directions from your location. Find it here.
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