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windowOur main supplier of windows "Jeldwen" wins the Energy Star manufacturer of the year for the third consecutimve year in 2018 !

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Pre-approved contractors may download prices after hours on our web site. We have recently introduced a secure area of this website to help our valuable contractors.


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Most cottagers use pine vee joint for their ceilings or walls.

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How Do We Deliver Them to your Lake ?



Wood Floating Docks- Using Styrofoam Billets



These are our most popular sellers, mostly due to the lower cost than other alternatives. We make these from Cedar lumber or Pressure Teated lumber. For more information about treated lumber, visit our treated lumber page.

Styrofoam billets have improved over the years and they tend not to "waterlog" as much as they used to. We use 7"x20"x8' billets in our docks (480# of lift each) and can use 10" (690# of lift each) if requested. Some customers have problems with pesky muskrats burrowing around them but generally, this is not a serious problem. Our construction detail protects the billet from damage. We also include skid plates on the bottom of the dock. Our ends are specially reinforced for stresses introduced by the ramp/walkway.

We typically do not stain the docks. However, we recommend that you stain the dock at some point to extend the life of the wood, repel the water and prevent it from cracking (checking) due to sun exposure and the wet/dry cycles.

The optional ramps are also reinforced. Our standard size is 3'x12' for the ramps. We find that any larger ramp is too heavy to lift and can bow.

You may view pictures of our docks by visiting our photo gallery page.

Although we use our own special design for constructing this style of dock,do-it-yourselfers can view the Dow website (maker of the billets) to see their step-by-step instructions on how to build your own dock by clicking here.

You may also view a video on the construction technique for our reinforced ramps:


Floating Docks using Plastic Floats



We carry the Techstar line of plastic floats. Most of the floats are foam-filled. This style of floatation offers the advantage of having no wood touch the water. This way, you can minimize the wood from getting "waterlogged" and gaining weight. Another advantage is that assembly (if you prefer to build your own dock) is simple. There are various types of floats. Plastic floats by nature are a bit more expensive than styrofoam billets. Many people ask us if they can be left in the water for the winter. Well... yes and no. Technically, the floats will withstand ice forming around them. However, that is not the problem. In the spring, ice can shift and heave (depending on your lake, shoreline and prevailing winds). This will buckle the structure and cause damage. You are taking a risk by leaving the dock in. You may view the full catalogue in this .pdf file. The Techstar company also makes plastic ladders.

Watch a video of our BF-12 Floats below:


Techstar Shoulder Floats Video DF-MF-2448

New! - Floats with Wheels

Drop by to see these new floats starting May 2012.The 24" wheels are foam filled and the axwl is 1-7/8" aluminum. With the wheel built in, there is 575# of flotation per float. Each float has 6 mounting holes and is compatible with aluminum or wood docks.





See our video on how easy the wheels roll:



New ! Corner Floats

Launched in mid 2013, this product is ideal for swin rafts. It is foam filled. The wood decking stays out of the water. Construction is simple and each corner float weighs 48lbs.


Aluminum Framed Leg Docks



The Fendock company has been around for many years. This concept is great due to its light weight. It comes in a package as shown above (unassembled). The wooden panels are modular and can be removed in sections to make things even easier.We recommend cedar lumber for the decking, which must be purchased seperately. This is a kit product so there is some assembly required. You may open another window and view the Fendock site by clicking here.


Pipe Leg Docks

This concept is great for people that do not wish to tie a boat up to. It is also great for grassy or muddy bottom areas. The legs are adjustable. Some people use the legs to make long walkways to a floating dock.


There are many accessories to outfit your dock in a manner that best suits your boat and lifestyle. The many parts are too numerous to display but you may find a general listing below. Our general hardware is black powder coated which is considered superior to the galvanizing process.

  • Anchors -100#,155#
  • Hot dipped galvanized 1/4" Chain
  • Hardware,Cleats
  • Dock Whips
  • Ladders
  • Pipe for legs-Galvanized 5' and 10'
  • Solar Lights
  • Bumpers
  • Bolts- Hot dipped galvanized



The Order Process

Typically, most people order their dock in May, June or July. Long weekends are especially busy. Over the past few years, many people have chosen to accept delivery during the weekdays which seems to work out well. We have a selection of stock docks (see below) but generally, most customers want some type of accessory installed; so give us a week or so to set this up. You can order by phone or e-mail but many people like to see the docks, so a visit to the store is a good idea. We can provide you with a computer generated accurate quote for the dock and any other items (e.g. anchors, a walkway). We do not accept payment on a COD basis, we ask that payment be made before delivery. Deposits can be put against the sale.

Technical Details

We have refined the design and small details over the years and we feel that you will be purchasing a trouble-free dock. Our sales consultants can answer questions about our dock designs. Below you will find standard sizes:

  • Wood Floaters:
    • 6'x14'
    • 8'x16'
    • 10'x20'
    • 12'x20'
    • custom sizes
  • Aluminum Framed:
    • 4'x16' plus 8' ramp
    • 4'x24' plus 8' ramp
    • 6'x16' plus 8' ramp
    • 6'x24' plus 8' ramp
  • Rafts
    • 8'x8'
    • 8'x10'
  • Wood Leg Docks
    • 4'x16'
  • Ramps/Approach/Walkway
    • 3'x12'

New! Floating Fendock Aluminum Frame Dock

Fendock has come up with a system that is cost effective and lightweight. It was developed mid-season in 2011 and seems to be a winner! Click here to visit the Fendock site and see the wide variety of sizes available.








Dock Hardware

We carry the Coldriver brand of dock hardware. It is powder coated black. This coating is considered superior to galvanizing because it does not scratch. We have two diagrams that show our hardware. One is primarily for floating docks and the other is primarily for pipe leg docks. The diagrams are in a clear .pdf file. Once opened up, you can zoom in.

You can view a short video on our FSD-10 Powder coated hinges here:


New! Hitch Hinge


Click here to view the website in another window.

The Delivery Process

Delivered at no charge to your landing (in Haliburton County)



This is how we get the dock into your lake. The landing must be suitable for large trucks regarding width of the laneway and the suitability of the ground so that we do not get stuck. With the owner's permission, we sometimes deliver to a marina or a neighbour's access point. We have a process to schedule deliveries when you are ready to take delivery. We do not install the docks. The anchors are placed up top for the towing process. Note how well the dock floats and is easily towed by your boat. We can ship docks up to 12'x20' . There are a few lakes in the county that do not have an access point, in which case, the towing process will be longer if you are able to navigate from another lake. We usually call your cottage or cell number before we leave the yard. Most of our deliveries are within Haliburton County although we will deliver outside the county for a fee. Please contact a sales represenative.

Please note that in the months of July and August, there are Provincial and County restrictions on delivering our 10' wide and 12' wide docks. In a nutshell, we cannot deliver on Friday afternoons or Saturday.


Dock Anchors

We carry 2 sizes. In the picure below they are as follows (illustrated from the left):

100# and 155#. They have a metal hoop to attach the chain to.



Dock Ladders

We have various types of ladders available. Below, you will see a YouTube video on the

5 step stair ladder that we sell.