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Northern Timberhouse Ltd.

Timber Frame Construction
Value Engineering
Construction Management
CAD Modeling & Drawings/CNC Interface
BCIN Certified Designer

Northern Timberhouse Ltd. And its owner, Alfredo Rico, have been in business of designing and building custom timber frame projects since 1980.
With thorough knowledge and understanding of the construction industry, especially timber framing, they have successfully designed and built throughout Ontario, Quebec and even as far a Japan.
Relying on in-house capabilities (at their location on Hwy 35, 3 km south of Minden) and partnerships with outside architects, engineers, designers, construction trades people and CNC  production facilities,  Northern Timberhouse is able to design, plan and, if desire, construct  unique projects to suit the client’s program, delivering the best possible value.
Alfredo advocates: “On any given project there are three components that define it: Size, Quality and Cost.  Any change introduced to any of these three will inevitably affect one or both of the other two.  This is a balancing act and rather unique to each project.  Ultimately, any two will be defined by the client’s needs, vision, wishes and budget…
and the third will arise as a function of the chosen two.  It is simple and relatively inexpensive to juggle with all three at the design and planning stages.  Once the scope of the work is defined, planning completed, construction documentation and Permit in hand, carrying out the work should be an enjoyable and fun experience for all involved.



Contact Alfredo

Before you commit your project, learn how to get the best value for your investment and how timber framing can be incorporated efficiently.  Give Alfredo a call at 705-457-8017, or email him at and set up a meeting for an evaluation of your proposed project.

Fax: 705-457-8018


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