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As of January 16,2012, Josh has joined the design team at Emmerson Lumber Limted. Contact Josh at:


If you’re looking to build a new home or cottage or need to renovate, why not try to make is as green-friendly as possible?
That’s the philosophy that Josh Bramham, owner of Esson Creek Construction, maintains when working on a project.
“I think that there are a lot of people who want to reduce their carbon footprint” says Bramham, a custom builder and registered designer.  “A lot of energy is used to build and run our homes, so the more that  we can reduce our use and waste the better;  it just makes sense environmentally and financially.”
Josh started off studying architectural technology in college and went on to work for a builder, framing homes in new subdivisions.  “I saw how things were being done fast but were not necessarily being done well.  I believe in taking care to make sure that what we build remains healthy and lasts a long time.”
Esson Creek Construction was launched back in 2001 after Josh decided to make the move from Port Perry to Haliburton County.  He and his wife Heather currently live in a home they build from locally processed squared pine longs.  “The logs we use are not only beautiful, but they a renewable and eliminate the need for other material such as drywall, poly and insulation which require a lot of energy to produce and create a lot of waste.”
The Bramhams also chose to live off grid; their power is provided by a wind generator and stored in batteries.  Josh explains, “We are on top of a hill and a good distance from Hydro so producing our own energy works well for us but I believe that people can still have more environmentally friendly homes and remain on the grid.  Josh will work with his customers and sub-contractors to create a system to suit their location and their needs.
As a registered building code designer, Josh can get your project started by providing the drawings required for building permits.  Even if you already have a builder or plan on doing the work yourself he is more than happy to provide the design service.  “Quite often people already have a design and know exactly what they want; both layout and look, and it’s simply a matter of making a few suggestion and producing blueprints that meet code.”
Josh can also use his experience to create a design that is personalized, functional, energy efficient and site specific.

Contact Josh

If you are considering a new project, looking to have a few renovations done or interested in a custom built log building, contact Josh at 705-457-7507 or email him here
Esson Creek Construction serves all of Haliburton County.



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