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DK Masonary

Doing it Right with Experience, And Quality Workmanship

Derek Rowden, born and raised in the Highlands, has been in the masonry business since he was a teenager, when in the summers he started working for his uncle and father, Keith. In 2000, Derek and Keith formalized their partnership, and D & K Masonry was born. In 2005 Derek took over sole proprietorship, with employees and wife Sharon expertly keeping books and dealing with clients, he quickly established himself among contractors as a clean, hard working, and dependable mason, who constantly delivered quality workmanship. As D & K Masonry’s reputation continued to grow Derek also started working for private clients, to the point where now the business has a good mix of contractor and private work. D & K Masonry specializes in the construction of Block Foundations, ICF Foundation (insulated forms for poured concrete), Frost Walls, Concrete Floors, and Footings, for Renovations, Additions, Decks, Garages, and New Construction. And that’s not all. D & K can build and pour you a sidewalk, stairs or build your piers. There is maintenance in any form of construction, and D & K Masonry can repair and seal your existing foundation, which can help you combat problems that rain, snow and drastic changes in temperature can bring about. With D & K Masonry, what you get, first and foremost, is experience. “We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship, and our reliability. We arrive on time and we strive to get the job done in a timely manner. We also like to leave a clean site,” says Derek Rowden. You can always tell a D & K Masonry job by the swirl in the parge. The “signature” swirl gives a job that finished look that says ‘we care about our work.’ “We like to go that extra mile to insure that your foundation is as good in 20 years as the day we finished it. We like to make sure that the job is done right,” Derek states, “and the price we give is the price you pay.” Masonry is by nature a seasonal occupation, and in the off-season Derek keeps busy snowplowing for clients, doing interior renovations for clients, also cutting and splitting firewood. So, if you’re looking for some one to do some interior work for the winter of firewood, Derek’s the man to call. Derek starts getting calls in February and March for the masonry and construction season, which runs from May to December, though you can call him at any time. D & K Masonry offers free estimates, and fully insure quality workmanship, on homes, cottages and commercial buildings. Do it right. Do it with D & K Masonry. To get in touch with Derek and Sharon, Phone: 705-754-0466, Fax: 705-754-0566, or Email:


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To get in touch with Derek and Sharon, Phone: 705-754-0466, Fax: 705-754-0566, or Email:



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