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Steve can do pole lines and solar work


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Churko Electric




When it’s time to hire an electrical contractor, you wan a reliable name, a professional attitude and an ample pedigree of dedicated service and trusted workmanship. And most important. When dealing with electrical projects you’ll want to leave nothing to chance. Put quite simply: You want Churko Electric. Their Mission Statement is simple, but reassuring. “We take pride in ensuring the electrical is done properly, safely and professionally - every time.” In the Haliburton Highlands, excellent service, unheralded quality and trust are traits synonymous with Churko Electric. It’s been that way for 15 years. Residential, commercial, industrial and right down to that cottage or basement renovation, Churko Electric has the staff and expertise to handle any and all of your electrical projects. Churko Electric takes pride in providing a friendly courteous service and they strive constantly to effectively meet all of their clients’ unique electrical needs. Churko Electric is a trusted name in the Highland and a proud member of the Haliburton Country Home Builders Association. All Churko Electric employees are fully trained and licensed electricians with many years of hands-on experience in the ever-challenging Haliburton Highlands area. Their affable and well-trained staff of 6 journeyman and three apprentices take pride in every facet of their work. With ten full time staff, your project can be given top priority. When Churko Electric commits to a project, you can be sure that they will deliver the goods, on time, and within budgetary guidelines. Locally owned and operated, Churko Electric has been a fixture here in the Highlands since 1995. Owner Steve Churko is a master electrician with over 27 years experience in the trade. Steve has been exposed to a wide variety electrical contracting work in his wide-ranging career. Before moving to Haliburton to start his successful business, Steve was involved in a myriad of challenging urban projects, including office tower installations, as well as assorted work in construction of industrial plants, subway tunnel renovations and other high end construction wiring. Those industrial jobs in cities like Halifax and Toronto also gave him an early exposure to fibre optic installation, motor controls and other aspects of industrial and commercial wiring methods. Steve wasn’t born in the Highlands, but he’s got his feet firmly planted in the soil. When his parents sold the family farm in Saskatchewan and moved to Ingoldsby, he fell in love with the Highlands, and in 1995 took the big step away from the city to the country. He married a local girl - Kellie Bird - bought a house and started a business in the space of three months. He slowly expanded to his present digs on Industrial Park Road in Haliburton. That all speaks to his high dive, level of commitment, and dedication to excellence. Indeed, Churko Electric is current with existing building codes and his staff is trained in the newest technology. Churko Electric offers a wide range of electrical services ranging from complete electrical installation, residential upgrades - from a simple receptacle - to full custom home wire, pole line construction, retrofit and full maintenance. Power outages are a nuisance in the Highlands. With that in mind, Churko Electric also installs full back-up generator systems - big or small, they install them all. They operate a fleet of service vehicles that enable them to meet the unique demands of the rugged topography here in cottage country. They are adept and experienced with servicing wooded lots and isolated cottages. The Churko Electric team has the expertise to get the job done correctly. In fact, anywhere you have a need for electric power, Churko Electric can deliver. When wiring a home they make sure that all electrical installation are adequate for all home appliances and any possible future additions. They are skilled in telephone interior wiring, cable TV wiring, and wiring of computers and other home electrical installation. Churko Electric also provides a full range of outdoor path, garden and tree lighting solutions. Steve like to say that they “bring life to your property through the use of effective lighting.” Most important says Steve: “we’re a crew, a team and we’re friends and that’s evident on every jobsite and in all of our completed projects.” Giving back to the community. Churko Electric enters hockey tournaments and they also sponsor kids sport. All part of remaining vibrant members of the community. Steve says his crew thrives on the extraordinary variety of challenging projects here in the Highlands. Churko Electric, 334 Industrial Park Road. Call them today for a quote, recommendations on your future project of if you have any questions about the services we provide.




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