Haliburton Artesian Wells

40 Years of Experience ! This information was reprinted from the "open for Business" publication.

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Haliburton Artesian Wells

40 Years of Experience - Over 1500 Wells and Counting Reliable Crews, State-of-the-Art Equipment and a Long History of Solid Workmanship.


Most Canadians may take fresh water for granted. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers have invested a lifetime of learning all they can about nature’s most precious resource. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers are always looking for innovative drilling solutions for their clients. They employ reliable crews and state-of-the-art equipment. Owner Rick Ruttig started the business here in 1989. He moved here after working as a water well driller with his father for over a decade in British Columbia. Ruttig says he has built his reputation on a rock-solid knowledge of well-drilling procedures, over 30 years’ experience in the challenging field, hones estimates and reasonable rates. Resident and cottagers have come to rely on Haliburtion Artesian ell Drillers. “I try to keep everybody happy,” says Ruttig. He adds that his three decades of water well-drilling experience has prepared him for every challenge that he’s faced here in the Highlands. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers is a licensed Well Contractor through the Ministry of the Environment and employ certified installers, and licensed Well Technicians. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers have over 40 years of real time, hands-on, well drilling experience. Ruttig says he bases his business on honesty and a thorough pre drill consultation. That’s important for a well driller, because as Ruttig says there is no surefire way to determine how deep a well is doing to go. “It’s impossible for a driller to determine the depth before a job,” says Rick. “When you build a home, you know what the windows cost, you know the building costs, but you don’t know what a well is going to cost, and that is where people have to know they can trust you.” If you are looking for a company with solutions for a drilled water well for your hoe, cottage or business - Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers invites you to call with any questions. “We’re here with the equipment to drill in any conditions and in any area,” says Rutting. “And we have the right tools for any job, big or small.” Drilling water wells can be a tricky business for some, but Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers have been operating in the Highlands area for over 20 u\years, drilling over 1600 wells in all types of difficult terrain. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers are very familiar with the variety and conditions of the topography here in the Highlands and can often circumvent problems just by knowing where your home or business is situated. Experience and rock solid knowledge of their craft is what sets Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers apart. Services include: Well Drilling for residential, and commercial applications and the monitoring of holes. They perform flow test on new wells. They test what the pump I producing, or they can do a test on the well to determine the depth of well, flow rate of well, static level in the well and where to set the pump. They also do casing upgrades on old existing wells. All work is done to meet the Reg. 903 - Ontario Government - guidelines and specification. They also work on well abandonment. They are able to fill in old existing drilled and dug wells that are not being used. In the Canadian Shield, and especially here in the Highlands, well drilling can be a tricky business. There is a difference in procedure when drilling through various types of ground: rock, clay, sand and boulders. Once the water is found, flow has to be measured to ensure the number of gallons per minute is sufficient to your needs. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers maintain an intimate knowledge of the area and can often quarantee sufficient quantity of water. They go to great lengths to ensure that water quality is good. In some cases problems of iron, calcium or salt have their own challenges. But whatever the challenges, Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers are ready to cope. Over 1600 wells in the Highlands area - and counting. If you’re building a house or cottage, shutting down a well and investing in a new one, call Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers first. Come to the experts when assessing your next water project. Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers know water. And with over 40 years’ experience in the challenging Haliburton Highlands since 1989, they have a proven track record of water well installation behind them. Bona fides based on a long history of experience, trust and service. For an assessment, a consult or to book an appointment, call Haliburton Artesian Well Drillers at 705-457-2686.


Contact Rick Ruttig

Phone: 705-457-2686

Fax: 705-457-3749


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