Bunkie Plans

These are handy buildings for guests or the kids!

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Bunkie Plans

As you have probably found out, there are not many Bunkie plans out there. Here is a selection of various sizes. We can also custom design plans. Our designs meet the code in Ontario Canada . Your area may have further restrictions. You may purchase these plans by clicking here. Only the plans in full colour below can be purchased at this time. A plan consists of 5 certified copies and we also offer a material list. Tip: When viewing the "larger image" it will be in a .pdf form which takes a bit longer to load but you can zoom in on the images. The cost for a set of plans (valid in Ontario) is $250.00.


Select your plan:

Bunkie "Ash"

14'x20'-280 sq. ft.

Description: 1 Bed, 1L/R


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Bunkie "Birch"
18'x20'- 360 sq. ft.

Description: 2 Bedroom





Bunkie "Cedar"
16'x16'- 256 sq. ft

Description:One Bedroom




Bunkie "Maple"
9'x12'- 108 sq. ft

Description:One room




Bunkie "Oak"
16'x24'- 384 sq. ft



Description:Covered Porch



Bunkie "Pine"
20'x20'-400 sq ft.



Description:Porch Front + Family



Bunkie "Spruce"
12'x16'- 192 sq. ft


Description:One Bedroom

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