Pine Lumber

A very popular choice in the home, our pine in harvested in Ontario and is well protected in our warehouses.

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Pella Windows !


windowWe are proud to announce that in addition to our regular lines of windows, we are able to offer our customers the Pella brand of windows!

Current News:

24/7 Prices for Contractors !



Pre-approved contractors may download prices after hours on our web site. We have recently introduced a secure area of this website to help our valuable contractors.


Recent Events:

The big news as far as our products are concerned, was

The  commitment this year to sell the new brown

coloured Pressure Treated Lumber. Sales in this

product have exceeded expectations! It looks as

the days of green coloured Pressure Treated lumber

are numbered.

1"x6" Vee Joint

Red or White Pine

Our most popular product, we can offer this unfinished or pre-finished. It measures 5/8" thick by 5.5" wide.


Let it Dry !

Unifinished pine should sit in the room on sticks for about two weeks before installing to minimize shrinking.

Kiln Dried

Low Moisture

Our pine is kiln dried. The content vaires but will be somewhere around 10%

Vee Joints


roomOur most popular choice, red or white pine V joints are the natural choice for lining the walls or ceilings of your home or cottage while giving a rustic appearance. The unfinished is stocked at our yard. When fastened, the nails are hidden.


You can see by the diagram that there are two sides to the product. It can be installed with either face. It can also be installed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.









Ready Pine™ is a fast and convenient way to install your tongue and groove pine for ceilings and walls.  Why not install the walls and ceilings like you do the floor – pre-finished.  Here are some key reasons why you should use Ready Pine™

  • It’s fast and easy.  You’re done when the installation is done.
  • Saves you money.  Installing Ready Pine™ is cheaper than hiring a painter.
  • No more drips and runs.
  • No more scaffolding and odour.
  • Superior factory applied finish.
  • Faster project completion time.
  • Sealed on all sides to prevent cupping and warping.
  • Let’s you enjoy the things you like to do such as hike, swim, fish or golf.

Remember, you’re done when the installation is done.

Available in Clear Natural or Colours

Ready Pine™ is available in a clear finish or you can choose from 6 standard stain colours.  The clear finish does not alter the natural colour of pine, but allows it to mellow over time, giving it a rich, warm character that only pine can offer.  Ready Pine™ is also available in 6 stain colours that each bring out and enhance the look of pine. The colours are translucent, which allows the wood grain to show through. They are topcoated with the same clear finish as the clear natural, giving it a smooth professional look.

We stock the prefinished 8' package program in the clear. We regularly order stained product for our customers. This takes about two weeks.

Visit the ReadyPine site to view colours and installation instructions.

The ReadyPine company also makes a new Rustic Flooring.

NEW IN 2015!

The product line has been expanded to include fir and cedar.



Lumber- White Pine

pineThe Eastern White Pine is the tallest softwood tree in Eastern Canada, growing as high as 125 feet tall. It has a straight, uniform grain, dries easily and is prized for its dimensional stability and light colour. It is lightweight and easy to work with both manually and electrically.  White pine is used in the manufacture of indoor and outdoor coverings, doors and windows, furniture and mouldings. It is also used for sculpture, toys, decorative articles and kitchen utensils.


We have a large stock of pine lumber in our warehouses:

  • 1"x2" and 1"x3" shed stock (clear)
  • 1"x4",6",8",10",12" board D4S #1 Common
  • 6/4" and 8/4"x4",6",8",10",12"

Sidings- Exterior

We carry 5 types of unfinished pine siding in stock. Please navigate to the Unfinished Sidings Page or visit the Prefinished Sidings page.