An alternative building concept with projects around Haliburton County.

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Pella Windows !


windowWe are proud to announce that in addition to our regular lines of windows, we are able to offer our customers the Pella brand of windows!

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24/7 Prices for Contractors !



Pre-approved contractors may download prices after hours on our web site. We have recently introduced a secure area of this website to help our valuable contractors.


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The big news as far as our products are concerned, was

The  commitment this year to sell the new brown

coloured Pressure Treated Lumber. Sales in this

product have exceeded expectations! It looks as

the days of green coloured Pressure Treated lumber

are numbered.

Mafco Design

MAFCOHOUSE redefines the private getaway, honing the art of cottage living to its most natural form.

The designs are based on a 16' x 16' modular post and beam superstructure. Any number of standard modules can be selected to meet your space requirements. The series of modules are then configured to integrate with the building site’s topography, while considering both the sun’s path and the views beyond. For an open-plan with extensive walls of glass, the post and beam superstructure will facilitate glazing to provide views both near and distant.

Assembled on poured-concrete piers, a MH building can accommodate sloped sites while being sensitive to the land. Roof lines are kept low and flat, with framing components engineered to withstand maximum snow loads.

The standardization of modular building components and glazing systems eliminates the high costs of having a modern home custom designed and built, and simplifies construction methods at all stages of production.


Mafco Process

Using proven architectural, engineering and construction practices, MAFCOHOUSE designs and builds each house with environmental sensitivity. Whether on or off the grid, the building’s orientation to the suns path with sensitive vegetation management, will benefit from passive solar heat gain during the cooler season. The placement of operable windows and doors on all elevations allows cross breezes to naturally keep the building cool during the warmer season.


309 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5V 2A4
T. 416.985.0597

Joseph Franke
T. 416.576.2131

Real Estate Inquiries
Diane Molenaar
T. 416.985.8885

Dan Molenaar
T. 416.985.0597

Structural Engineering
Blackwell Bowick

Website: MafcoHouse

View the Mafco projects in our Gallery !


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